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"Elliott Equine Connections, LLC is about helping horse owners, trainers, riders and enthusiasts learn about a more natural approach to caring for horses.


Our goal is to provide, offer and support education of the use of essential oils for horses as an effective, complimentary support for the wellness of their body and mind."


“A go-to blend. Most recently I used it on my horse with an itchy tail. Worked like a charm.”
– Angela Beck


“This is an awesome product. I have used it on Skip with great results. You will not be disappointed if you invest in Aimee’s Blend.”
– Tracy Moore


Naturally, animals use innate survival instinct to seek out their own needs. This isn't something we often give our animals the opportunity to do. Because of this, it’s important for us to give them something comparable. They rely on us for something safe, natural and effective. The alternatives we offer support their bodies’ natural ability to heal itself.


When we offer them these solutions, they understand them. Essential oils are free of contaminants and unnatural chemicals, which they may inherently reject. Our products are natural, come from healthy soil and are truly familiar to our animals. When they are introduced to these oils, you may see them raise a lip... toss their head in interest, lick from your hand, sigh, stretch, chew... they attempt to indicate their interest to you, because to them, this is what's natural.


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